• Help in comparing Medicare plans
  • Help in transitioning from your employer plan to Medicare
  • Provide information on doctors/hospitals included in a particular Medicare plan
  • Explain how your prescription drugs will be covered
  • Determine if we can save you money by changing plans
  • Determine if another plan might better suit your needs.
  • Becoming your Insurance Policy advocate

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What's the Cost?

Insuring Tomorrow, Inc.  represents a full line of insurance carriers and coverage options. As we are compensated by insurance companies, our services to you are always non-biased and at NO charge to you. As an insurance broker, our job is to help to provide you with the most appropriate insurance policy for your current and future needs.

We represents many well-known Medicare insurance companies. By representing multiple insurance companies we can help stretch your hard earned money and find a Medicare plan that meets both your budget and medical needs.

As we are authorized by specific insurance companies to act on their behalf, we guide you through the process of selecting a policy that is right for you. Our services include becoming your insurance advocate, assisting you with benefits and other insurance policy questions.

Having us as your advocate provides you with an added level of service that you wouldn't receive by buying your policy directing from an insurance company's internet website.


Let us be...your Personal Medicare ADVOCATE